Hand-crafted Musical Instruments


I am based in beautiful North Norfolk, and make musical instruments. Here are some examples of instuments I have made. If you would like something similar made please contact me. I can do so for a very reasonable price!

 This 29 string harp has notes from G2 to G6. It is made from English ash. The dark strip in the neck is okan, an African hardwood, which adds strength and helps to stop the neck from twisting. The soundboard is made from high quality birch laminate soundboard and it has nylon strings. It also has a full set of brass sharping levers.


This 22 string lap harp is made from sapele. Its' notes range from E3to E6. It also has nylon strings and a birch laminate soundboard. This one doesn't have sharping levers.



This is a simple pentatonic lyre, carved from a very distinctive piece of wych elm that came from the church yard at Market Weston, Norfolk. It was made for a Steiner kindergarten teacher - it has a very pure gentle sound that children (and adults!) find calming. It is stringed with steel/bronze guitar strings for economical string replacement.


This set of chimes was made from some recycled stainless steel tubes. They make a a hauntingly beautiful sound. It is tuned to a pentatonic scale, covering two octaves, and mounted on a pine frame. It seems to sound best with rubber mallets.

  This xylophone is tuned to a minor pentatonic scale. The bars are made from iroko and mounted on a pine box. The box acts as a resonantor and really adds some 'oomph' to the sound.

This xylophone is made from bamboo slats suspended hammock style from a wooden X frame. It is tuned to a C major scale. It has a sound rather like skeletons dancing.

 This simple children's xylophone has bars made from tulipwood. It is mounted on an oak frame and the mallets are made from recycled bicycle tubes. It is tuned to a pentatonic major scale.

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